Equipaments for:

We sell Casts e Tables for Pre cast walls , pilars, beams in concrete

Formwork metal molds for prefabrication industry:

Cast auto reagent floors omega and variable geometry

Batteries variable section pillars with hydraulic movimet‹o

Universale track for pre compresses pillars in L-T InvertidaMolde for modular pillars

Cast for double beam with advance car

Cast for multi pillars and cross section dogs Tilting tables for panels hydraulic drive

Cast for roofs with cap with extraction and anti floating arms autoreagente track for coverage with constant section

Cast for pre beams compressed dual slope Clues to shells curves for coverage

Cast for auto reagents beams for bridges

Anchoring system and traction shot heads Clues to autoreagentes covers V

Cast for retaining walls with adjustable height Molds for separators New Jersey

Cast for Beam Boomerang vertical batteries 10/12 units, thickness variation, opening and closing hydraulic Molds for trapezodais channels More...