Equipaments for:


testile industry :

Tunnel owen for testile industry

Screen drying and fiber technology.

With Microwave and hot air .Capacity 40-400 Kw

food industry:

Tunnel owen for food .

Drying of sweet products and vegetable products

With Microwave and hot air Potência de 30 a 300 Kw


Tunnel owen for food .

Pasteurização de granel ou embalados.

With Microwave and cold air. Power from 10 to 40 Kw

snacks industry

Tunnel owen for food .snacks .

Expansion of cheese products and corn products.

Microwave e infrared 10 a 100 Kw

unfreeze industry

Big manual opening to unfreeze , o aquecimento e secagem.

capacity e 5 a 20 Kw

pharmaceutical industry

Batch Systems for Powder Drying Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Com microondas e ar quente. Potência de 3 a 12 Kw

Quimical industry

Microwave systems for chemical reactions

 Such as esterification, oxidation, hydrogenation, polymerization, dust drying etc.

Microwave and hot gaz . Potwer 3-24 Kw

wood and cork industry :

Continuous tunnel kilns for the wood industry.

Drying of pallets, wooden beams and agglomerates

Microwave and Gaz . Power from 50 a 500 Kw

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